Here’s Some Of The Dental Implant Procedures

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In preparation for surgery, implant procedure pain will be precluded by applying the appropriate form of anesthesia. The all on 4 dental implants rockford anesthetic options will include local injections, IV and general sedation. Once the patient is ready for surgery, the dentist will proceed to cut open the gum. This is necessary in order to expose the bone to which he requires access. He will be using a drill to make a small hole.

Doing this will allow the implant or titanium rod to be placed. This procedure, mind you, could take a few hours. After the procedure, the patient may be left with sutures. Another visit to the dentist will be required to remove them. Post-surgery there will be recovery. During this critical phase, it’s necessary for the patient to follow all instructions given so as to avoid dental implant failure. For instance, if the patient is a regular smoker, he’s going to have to quit.

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Because smoking while the bone and implants are in the process of fusing could significantly increase the chances of implant failure. Those patients who cannot face going without teeth during the process of osseointegration could have a temporary crown or denture fitted in the meantime. Also note that the patient will be given a healing collar. It’s round metal that helps to prevent the gums from growing over the implant.

The collar will have to stay on for up to two weeks. But should it come off in the interim, the patient will have to go and see the dentist as soon as possible. Once the gums have fully recovered, only then can the healing collar be removed. After that the abutment, also made from metal, still needs to be placed.